Is the Dyson Hairdryer worth the hype?

So after lusting over this hairdryer since it got released in 2016 i decided to do some research on it to find out what all the hype was about. The first thing was the price…£300! my first initial thought was “thats expensive” considering my Diva hairdryer i have been using for years was only £50 and has dried my hair fine over the years so how can the Dyson hairdryer be worth all that money to do the same thing?

Well first of all the design of the Hairdryer is just the coolest and no other hairdryer compares to how good it would look in your dressing room and thats a fact! Also the option of the Grey & Pink or the White & Silver as they are both beautiful would be a hard choice although since i am a lover of all thinks pink my mind was made up easily if i was to choose one but is the design really enough? not really! so i delved deeper…

One of the best selling points to me personally was that the Dyson hairdryer claims to dry your hair in half the time it would usually take, considering my hair takes about an hour to dry as its thick and really long i was intrigued! i also liked that the Dyson hairdryer is lighter and smaller than other hairdryers as my arms ache from holding my Diva hairdryer for so long and would be a handy size for travelling with. These points alone had me interested in the hairdryer but at £300 i just wasn’t sure wether to go for it?? …

…so i was over the moon when i got it as a surprise Christmas gift!! i did however leave it sat in the box for about 2 weeks considering if i thought it really would be worth the money? if i should see if i could try it out somewhere first? if i should return it as i had a hairdryer? but i decided that it was a lovely present to receive and clearly as i hadn’t already bought it for myself i probably wouldn’t ever, so i decided to keep it!! Then came the excitement of washing my hair just so that i could dry it (something i usually HATE doing!!)

All i can say is WOW!! This hairdryer is amazing and i cant believe i never had it in my life sooner. It is worth every penny. My hair is super long and has a bit of a natural wave to it so it can sometimes go a bit frizzy which i usually tame after i blow dry my hair using my GHD straighteners. My hair was dry in 5 minutes and there was no need for any straighteners, my hair was silky smooth & straight, had an incredible shine to it and i felt like i just had a professional blow dry at a salon. My mam actually thought i had been and had my hair done!

I also loved the fact that my head did not feel hot usually with my Diva hairdryer i would need to be careful not to burn my head and my face would be bright red after drying my hair but with the Dyson it was enjoyable. The noise from the Dyson is a bit more quiet and subtle compared to a normal hairdryer so that was an added bonus. If you was thinking of getting this hairdryer but haven’t been sure i would say go for it, it is better for your hair (we all look after our skin but, do you look after your hair just as well?) , will save you time and money in the long run as you wouldn’t need to use smoothing products or straighteners afterwards, its a handy travel friendly size and it looks beautiful!!

You can also find some additional information on the attachments and settings of the Dyson Hairdryer here

The Dyson website offer FREE next day delivery and payment plans however if you are a BOOTS advantage card holder you can receive points back to spend in store which is especially good if you look out for there advantage card events where you can receive double points! i haven’t ever seen the Dyson hairdryer on discount so this is a good option if you was looking to save some money.

Love Always,

Candis x

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