My first EVER beauty box subscription!

So after months and months of trying to decide which brand of Beauty Box to go for i finally gave in and chose Lookfantastic!

For those of you unsure what a Beauty Box is, it is a subscription of a monthly box being sent to your home at the start of every month filled with a surprise of luxury beauty goodies.

I decided to choose Lookfantastic over other brands available as i regularly shop on there website and love the Brands which they have available to buy on there so i knew they would not disappoint and i wasnt wrong!

The price for this beautiful box i personally think is great. it is £15 for one month with added discount the more months you sign up for in advance. i personally have gone with the 3 month subscription to try it out but i can see myself being hooked! The box arrives with FREE delivery aswell which is an added bonus. What i really loved about this box was the fact you get an Elle magazine with every order (which i would buy anyways for £4.40) so with this included it was an added bonus for me, you get 6 products to try out all from great brands and a lookfantastic magazine with extra tips & tricks on how to use the products in the box.

Want to know whats in the box for March 2018? Of course you do!….

From a brand that i use and love we have the Omorovicza Balancing Moisturiser 30ml this is a great size especially for in your handbag, gym bag or travelling. This brand can also be quite pricey and although there products are really worth it this is a great item to have in the box as it is a huge saving!

Next up we have Skin Chemists London Rose Quartz Youth Defence Lip Plump. This is a brand that i have not heard of before so i will be interested to see how this is. On first impressions i think i will love it, the packaging is really nice and has a lovely Rose Pink colour to it.

We then have a RENUSKIN advanced anti-ageing Flash Relax Face Mask for Mature Skin. i am still in my 20’s so this one may not be for me i will definitely give it a try but think this one might be good for my mam.

Then we have a SKIMONO total conditioning foot mask which i will try out when im having a pamper night. A great product to get our tootsies ready for some sunshine & sliders, which hopefully wont be too long!

Next up is DOUCCE freematic eyeshadow duo in colours 78 kate and 81 tenley which i must say are really nice chocolate brown colours lovely for doing a soft smokey eye which i love. i’m really impressed with these colours and look forward to trying them out. I haven’t heard or used this brand before but i think these shadows can be used to clip into a palette from the brand as they have little magnets on the back.

Finally we have a STYLondon brush which i think would be used for foundation. i have used this style of brush before and loved it so happy to give this brand a go!

Im looking forward to giving these products a go, if you would like to try the LookFantastic Beauty Box then click here!

Also if you would like to see me back with an update of how i got on with them please let me know!

Love Always,

Candis x

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